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El Vigia

Ensenada decidió rescatar la estatua y traerla para restaurarla. Foto: Edgar HernándezEnsenada, B. C. - Para promover el descubrimiento y parte de la historia de Ensenada, ayer se desembaló la estatua del navegante Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, la cual será instalada en la Ventana al Mar, luego de ser restaurada.

Andrés Nicolás Saad, uno de los impulsores del proyecto, explicó que la estatua estuvo por más de 40 años en un parque de California, Estados Unidos, y tras varias gestiones se logró traerla en comodato indefinido para el municipio.

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Ensenada, B.C. - Con el objetivo de generar información que permita diseñar políticas públicas para la conservación de los recursos costeros marinos, 80 expertos en el área oceanográfica de 77 países están reunidos en Ensenada.

Estos especialistas participan en la XXII Reunión del Comité Internacional de Intercambio de Datos e Información Oceanográfica (IODE) de la Unesco, evento que ayer fue inaugurado por el rector de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Felipe Cuamea Velázquez.

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News Flash

Carnaval 2015 about to begin
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For families to spend some quality time during the Carnival of Ensenada "Stories and Hollywood Stars" festivities area workers began installing the rides in the area of Playa Hermosa.
The Watcher went yesterday to the area to verify the progress; employees reported that since Saturday last weekend began placing various attractions.
Benefits "bridge" the hotel sector
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The bridge break from January 31 to February 2, leave benefits for the hospitality industry with an average of 30 percent, reported the Ministry of Tourism of the State (Secture).
Hector Rosas surrounds, delegate Secture in this county, explained that this weekend hotel occupancy for Friday January 31 was 32 percent and 35 percent Saturday, which meant 3 percent more than in the same period in 2014.
He said that within the offices attended by about 50 people,
Site for calendar events to move
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Calenders operators felt that last more than six months the work of urban regeneration in a stretch of Coastal Boulevard, so they request the Transit that allows them to be closer to the departure of the cruise.
Adrián Gómez, one of the victims, told El Vigia that estimate up to eight months in the works.
Ensenada 1-6 to 1-19-15 - Yellows, Barracuda, Bonito, Lings and a Bluefin
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We are experiencing some very good fishing for a variety of species here in Ensenada. Yellowtail are biting all around the island and are hitting the yo-yo iron, lingcod and rockfish are biting on bait, barracuda and bonito are biting on the troll and casting lures and we caught a 35+ lb. bluefin tuna on a green and white Tady lure. And there was also another bluefin caught that same day as well.

Art for Aurora
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Citizens gathered at the event were given tax collection to support the kumia woman is in jail accused of cattle rustling.
Citizens and artists gathered yesterday at Cafe "Match" to raise funds for Aurora Meza, Kumiai indigenous jailed in Tijuana since last December 25, 2014, accused of allegedly stealing horses.



Upcoming Events

Carnaval Ensenada 2016
04 Feb 16 19:00

With out a doubt the biggist party of the year in Ensenada. Six city blocks of fiesta at it's best. Live music, street stands, dancing and more fun than you can posibly drink. You you miss this event,,,,,,,it's your fault!!!




Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250
25 Feb 16 09:00

27th Annual MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 desert race, Round 3 of the five-race 2012 SCORE Desert Series