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Louie Prieto has been fishing the Ensenada area for over 35 years and established his premier status as one Ensenada’s elite Sport Fisherman by winning the 2009 Baja California Governor’s Cup fishing tournament. Louie is also well known for his outstanding fishing reports and commentary for the Ensenada area.  Now you can charter with Louie on his fully customized 23' Parker "It's 4 Reels".

45 gal. live bait tank (2 scoops)
Raymarine radar
Raymarine GPS
Furuno Fish finder
2 VHF offshore radios
Fusion 6 speaker stereo (iPod/iPhone ready)
Microwave Oven

Destinations, Schedules & Pricing includes up to 4 passengers. 

Includes all fishing gear, rods and reels, trolling rods, hooks, sinkers, lures, feathers,etc.

Not Included: Required Mexican fishing License ($12.00 per person), Customary gratuity

Bahia Todos Santos Islands: $425.00 USD
Departure time 6:00am - Return to docks 3:00pm
20-40 minute drive time to the fishing grounds.
Typical catch:
Year round: rock cod, ling cod, salmon grouper, white fish, red snapper, calico bass, sand bass.
Summer months only: yellow tail, bonito, white sea bass, halibut, barracuda, giant squid.
Santo Tomas Reef: $575.00 USD
Departure time 6:00 am - Return to docks 4-5:00pm
1 1/2 hour drive time to the fishing grounds.
Typical catch:
Year round: rock cod, ling cod, salmon grouper, white fish, red snapper, calico bass, sand bass.
Summer months only: yellowtail, bonito, white sea bass, halibut, barracuda, giant squid.

Offshore Tuna / Albacore / Kelp Paddys: $700.00 USD
(3 passengers max.)
Departure time 5:00 am - Return to docks 6:00pm
1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours drive time to the fishing grounds.
Typical catch:
Summer months only June - October:
yellowtail, albacore, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, dorado, opah, marlin.
Services and Facilities:

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Unhappy customer
This guy Louie thinks YOUR charter is all about him he drinks beer all day long an he isn't very professional the local panga guys are cheaper an they don't keep your catch

Types of Fish

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Albacore is the only tuna species allowed to be marketed as white meat tuna. Traditionally the premium canned tuna, this highly migratory species is gaining prestige in the finest white-tablecloth restaurants and sushi bars for its mild, delicate flavor.

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California barracuda are near shore, epipelagic, schooling fish found from Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, to Kodiak Island, Alaska. Thin and toothy, an axe handle with jaws, Pacific barracuda are smaller than their Atlantic relatives, and undeserving of the fierce image conjured by their name.
Big Eye Tuna
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The bigeye tuna, unlike other tunas, is a large, fast-swimming species with a metallic-colored, streamlined body. This species is dark metallic blue on the back and upper sides with white lower sides and belly.

Blue Fin Tuna
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Bluefin spawn between Japan and the Philippines in the spring and summer and migrate across the Pacific in their first or second year of life, the journey taking seven months or less. 

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It is colored blue to violet above, with metallic luster becoming silvery ventrally. 

It has ten or eleven stripes on its back running obliquely from the dorsum forward, and fifteen or more rakers below the angle on the first gill. 

Calico Bass
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SERRANIDAE FAMILY; also called calico bass, California kelp bass, rock bass, sand bass, bull bass, kelp salmon, cabrilla 
Cow Cod
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Feeds on small fishes, octopuses and squid. Live squid and oversized metal, lead and rubber jigs are often effective baits for this species. Live or salted anchovies or frozen squid are also considered good baits for the cowcod.
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The Dorado, also known as Mahi Mahi or Dolphin fish, is one of the most exciting offshore gamefish. Coloring ranges from a dark blue along its back and changes laterally through a green – gold – yellow color spectrum.
Giant Squid
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The giant squid remains largely a mystery to scientists despite being the biggest invertebrate on Earth. The largest of these elusive giants ever found measured 59 feet (18 meters) in length and weighed nearly a ton (900 kilograms).

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These bottom-dwelling flatfish are yearlong residents in sand and mud-bottomed coastal waters, found from the surf zone to about 300 feet deep, from Washington State to Baja California. 
Ling Cod
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Lingcod is neither a ling nor a cod – it’s a member of the Pacific greenling family, Hexagrammidae, native only to North Pacific waters off the west coast of North America. This fish likely got its name from early settlers due to its similarity to European ling and its cod-like white, flaky flesh

Red Snapper
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A highly-prized game fish, the Red Snapper is distinguished by an overall bright red or sometimes a dark pink color, predominant on the head, back, and all fins, which gradually turns into white with a silvery sheen on the lower part of the body.
Rock Cod
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 This species is known by a number of common names: Rockcod, Rockfish and Snapper and is distinguished by its heavy, stout build. Rockcod have a large, broad head usually bearing spines and strong ridges. 

Salmon Grouper
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Abundant off the central and the southern coasts of California, the bocaccio is one of the most commercially important rockfish in that region. It is also a well-known gamefish in its range and a good eating fish, with soft and juicy white meat.
Sand Bass
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In Mexican fishing waters , the Spotted Sand Bass is abundant along the Pacific side of the Baja California Sur peninsula, throughout the Sea of Cortez south to Punta Chivato, and along the coast of mainland north of Guaymas, but it is absent from the oceanic islands.
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Found only from Monterey, California south to mid Baja California, this fish can grow to almost 36 inches and 35 pounds but the photo specimen was 16-1/2 inches and 2-1/2 pounds.
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A member of the family Scombridae, the skipjack has the streamlined body shape typical of the fast-swimming tunas. Dark stripes on the lower half of its body are distinguishing characteristics.

Striped Marlin
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Pacific Striped Marlin are one of the most sought after game fish in Cabo San Lucas because of there size and availability.  They can be caught most of the year and are a great crowd pleaser.  

White Sea Bass
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A member of the Sciaenidae family, the popular white seabass belongs to the grouping of weakfish or corvina and is not a true bass or sea bass. 
Yellow Fin Tuna
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Yellowfin tuna are found throughout the tropical Pacific. The world's single largest biomass of yellowfin inhabits the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (ETP), ranging from Chile to southern California.



Fishing Articles

Ensenada 6-10 & 6-11-14 - Yellows on fire at Todos Santos
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Yellowtail fishing continues to be excellent here in Ensenada with the north end of Todos Santos Island the latest area where the fish are being picked off. Two charters this week on the It's 4 Reels with a total of 5 anglers yielded 19 yellowtail with many more lost, several calico bass to 7 lbs. which were all released and on Tuesday's charter some nice log barracuda came over the rail as well.





Ensenada 5-20 to 5-22-14 - Yellows at the island
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Excellent yellowtail fishing at Todos Santos Island this week with several boats scoring from 8-20 fish.  The yellows were everywhere as we had them boiling all around the boat several times.  The fish were feeding on anchovies and getting them to go required patience.  Tim Oakes and Greg Hertle drove down from Sacramento and chartered the It's 4 Reels for 3 days and on Tuesday landed 2 nice yellows. 


Yellowtail hitting strong
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Ensenada is showing signs of a promising fishing season with a consistant Yellowtail bite since March. Water temps are up form the past few years and all we need now is the Albacore to show up in June/July. Captain Charro with his three charters "No Limitz One, No Limitz II and No Limitz Supreme" has probably been on the water more than anyone this season and has the fish counts to show for it.

Ensenada 5-2-14 - Barracuda and a Great White Shark
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General report for the Ensenada area has yellowtail and barracuda are spread out from the north end of the island to San Miguel Reef. 

One Big Bass!!
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Brett Barry spears a 76.4 lb. white sea bass on charter Selena out of Ensenada, Saturday May 3rd. In addition they also put 4 yellowtail and a dozen bottom fish on board.
WON was at the dock upon return and will be posting Bret's club record WSB.








Ensenada 3-20 to 4-12-14 - Yellows still biting the surface iron
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Although live bait is still not available for sale the yellowtail fishing continues to be pretty decent for the Ensenada area.  Fish are being found most days in a wide area from off Salsipuedes to San Miguel Reef and from the north end of Todos Santos all the way back to Sauzal.  Lately the bite has been better in the afternoon.  

Ensenada 3-9 and 3-11-14-Good Yellowtail Fishing in the Bay
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Yellowtail fishing went off Sunday afternoon for the crew of the It's 4 Reels in an area 2-3 miles north of San Miguel Reef. Tim McNulty and Joe Feeney were out on this trip.  We ended our day with 9 yellows from 18 to 32 lbs. all caught on the iron and 8 of the 9 were caught after 2PM.  Blue/white 6x jrs. fished through the water column caught the first few fish and then a light aluminum Candy Bar jig became the hot jig of the day accounting for the next 5 fish. 

Ensenada 2-26-14 - Yellowtail bite takes off
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Ensenada yellowtail fishing took off this week as the fish bit from Monday on  into Thursday with fish from 12 to 30 lbs. popping all over Bahia Todos Santos.  Took Wednesday off from Tequilas Sports Bar to try and get a few for our restaurant.  Along for the hunt was Angel Garcia and after stopping on a couple of meter marks and picking up some nice sand bass we moved to the middle of the bay and that is where the  fun began.  There were fish breaking all over the bay but they were moving fast and would only stay up for a minute or two so we stopped on the first good meter mark we saw and it was an instant hookup on the iron for me.  It was short lived as it came unbuttoned and on the next drop the same thing happened. 

Ensenada 2-14 & 2-15-14-Yellows at Todos Santos Island
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A Valentine’s Day fishing trip for Mark and Rita saw us head to Todos Santos Island in search of some home guard yellowtail.  A friend of mine reported catching 10 big yellows the day before in very nice conditions.  We had high hopes that we would get into them also.  And we did.  We went 2-4 on the yellows using blue/chrome and scrambled egg Fire Iron 5 lures.  We also caught a nice calico bass, 2 reds, 3 lingcod and an assortment of rock fish.  Conditions were not that great with wind and fog appearing and disappearing a few times during the day.  Rita also was able to catch her first salt water fish as well.  Did not here of any other boats catching yellows this day.

Ensenada 2-12-14 - Great lingcod fishing
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Another great day of fishing inside Bahia Todos Santos.  Final catch was 15+ lingcod, and an assortment of reds, whitefish and misc. other rockfish.  Lings ranged in  size from 4-14 lbs. with most between 6-8 lbs.  Lost a couple of toads at the boat.  Those lings can really flare there gills and shake there heads violently when they get close to the boat. 


Ensenada 1-28-14-First 2014 yellows and lingcod
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After 4 months in the shop the "It's 4 Reels" is back on the water and is now open for business.  We had a new top end put in (pistons, rings, seals etc.), new bottom paint, and new gauges installed.  My friend Cisco and I took her out on Wednesday 1-28-14 and the engine is running like new again.  Now for the fishing-we hit the San Miguel Reef area (aka the bajo) and started out  at 10AM.  We stopped on a high spot just before arriving at the bajo and Cisco caught a nice chucklehead on a green and white fire iron.  We drifted this spot for a few rockfish and whitefish.  It felt great to back on the water! 

Ensenada 9-10-13-Big yellowfin, dorado and yellows
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The plan was to first head out to the 450 while looking for paddies along the way.  Our charter consisted of Ed and Greg and my deckhand was second captain Cesar.  We put the trollers in at 31.32/117.02 and we got bit before I could put the 2nd troller out.  A nice 30+lb. yellowfin hit the purple cedar plug fished long.  Ensenada Bait had nice anchovies that we purchased and we chummed and hooked 2 bigger models on the flyline.  Greg was fishing with a Revo Toro and I was fishing Accurate 270 using 25 lb. test and we were both in for a great fight.  

Ensenada-8-16-13 to 9-9-13 2013 Ensenada Report
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Although I haven't reported in a while it hasn't been for lack fishing or lack of fish.  Ensenada is alive and well.  This is a two part report with the 9-10-13 report coming right after this one.  August 17th found us on a friends boat at the marina and just relaxing.  While sipping on "Lethal Weapon" martini's we hooked and landed a bonefish on cut squid:



Ensenada 8-15-13-More yellows and dorado
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We had a charter that consisted of Chris, Jared and Leon looking to hit some tuna on what turned out to be an awesome day on the water.  We purchase

d a nice scoop of anchovies from Chilly Willy at the Marina Coral receiver and also made spanish macks in front of Punta Banda with the intent of fishing the 295 area.  

Ensenada July 2013-Pati & the kids, Offshore Yellows & a Big Lingcod
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Looks like the offshore conditions for the start of August will be the same as most of July, windy.  But in between wind events the fishing has been pretty good for kelp paddy yellowtail, to go along with some bluefin and an occasional dorado.  The It's 4 Reels family (wife Pati, Chuy and Jennifer) headed out yesterday to see if we could get in on some of the fun.  After a late start we headed for the tuna pens that are a mere 27 miles from the Hotel Coral. had predicted calm seas and little wind and we also had the sun with us for most of the day.  After running 20 miles at 30 mph. we found 3 paddies that were close together and I saw a breezing school of yellows that did not want to bite.  We put the trollers out for the last 7 miles to the pens and did had no strikes and we did  not see any more paddies.  There were several pens within a couple of miles of each other and only a handful of boats fishing them.  There was very little activity on the meter so after a couple of drifts and trolling around I decided to head back towards the 500 fathom line on a heading towards the Banda Bank.  
Ensenada 7-10 to 7-13-13-Offshore Yellows and Lings
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Fishing offshore has taken off for yellowtail and some bluefin tuna.  In addition to this good news the Mexican tuna fleet has already reached thier quota for the year and is now returning to port.  I have also been informed that live bait is available for sale in Ensenada Harbor which means the Marina Coral should be selling very soon.  

Ensenada-June 2013 Yellowtail Fishing Report
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Although it's been a month since I last reported its not for a lack of fishing.  It's 4 Reels has been running charters as well as helping to train our new bartender Sol at Tequilas Bar.  And yes Angeles is still with us.  And while on the same subject we are now open 7 days a week. After a slow start to June gloom seems to be moving out.  The yellowtail earlier in the month were tougher to get but there were some big ones that we landed along with some nice barracuda:

Edging for the off Shore season
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Victor De Laossa and friends haven't fished Ensenada for almost five years and it’s just another sign that people are finely coming back to Baja.

Family Fun Fishing In Ensenada
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Denis Poroy, his wife and son Alex left Juanitos docks at 6am on their charter "Selena" with crew Captain Lucas and deckhand Chava. With live bait still not available, the crew had to depend on casting irons and trolling with Rapalas if they have any chance of hooking up yellowtail which was the primary focus. Lucas make the call to try fishing just above the north island of Todo Santos and began casting with a blue and white Tady 45.

Ensenada 5-22-2013-Late bite on the yellows
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There are still a lot of yellows to be caught inside the bay so why go offshore?  The quality of these fish are awesome 15-30 pounders and when you can get a cast a jig into boiling fish it is almost instant hookups.  These are fast moving fish so you either run and gun or slowly hunt down schools that pop up next to the boat.  The only problem is the seals.  They took a nice yellow and a Salas 7X light from yours truly in the morning.  They are biting best early in the morning or late in the day. 

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