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Site for calendar events to move
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Calenders operators felt that last more than six months the work of urban regeneration in a stretch of Coastal Boulevard, so they request the Transit that allows them to be closer to the departure of the cruise.
Adrián Gómez, one of the victims, told El Vigia that estimate up to eight months in the works.
Ensenada 1-6 to 1-19-15 - Yellows, Barracuda, Bonito, Lings and a Bluefin
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We are experiencing some very good fishing for a variety of species here in Ensenada. Yellowtail are biting all around the island and are hitting the yo-yo iron, lingcod and rockfish are biting on bait, barracuda and bonito are biting on the troll and casting lures and we caught a 35+ lb. bluefin tuna on a green and white Tady lure. And there was also another bluefin caught that same day as well.

Art for Aurora
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Citizens gathered at the event were given tax collection to support the kumia woman is in jail accused of cattle rustling.
Citizens and artists gathered yesterday at Cafe "Match" to raise funds for Aurora Meza, Kumiai indigenous jailed in Tijuana since last December 25, 2014, accused of allegedly stealing horses.
People of Ensenada
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We are passionate about architecture
One of the seven arts, is represented in Ensenada by a lover of the same; Marcos Guillermo Valencia Preciado, who has devoted his life to architecture and has done projects in the city for over 45 years.
Deputies ask about mining project
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Given the lack of response to the request SEMARNAT information mega miner Grupo Mexico that develops in the El Arco, the state congress passed a point of agreement to require that agency and the state government to inform the respect.
Alcibiades García Lizardi, local MP, presented yesterday said warrant and stated that requires knowledge authorizations environmental impact and risk of the project granted by the Directorate General of Mines Grupo Mexico SA de CV and the Arc Mexicana SA de CV, as well as permits for drilling in the region located at the southern end of Ensenada municipality.
In its position Lizardi Garcia said that information had already asked the delegate of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in Baja California, Alfonso Blancafort Camarena, but no data about pointing the officer had no application in local offices approval of environmental impact on the mining project.
Youth in Science
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Adrian Jinich, instructor and coordinator of the Science Club 2015 made in the UABC and UNAM, said the enthusiasm of the audience, besides referring to is a way to return home the benefits they have.
The doctoral student at Harvard, with Professor Alan Aspuru-Guzik, as alluded after interaction than 20 instructors have with the 150 students since last Sunday, at the premises of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) and National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
According to the plans, will conclude on Friday and Saturday will present projects from 10:00 hours on the State Center for the Arts Ensenada (CEARTE).
"This I will do for the kids... They are great they are in their spare time, they want to be here on vacation (They are) supermotivados and selected based on the enthusiasm, the desire to chambear, not on the basis of qualifications is a he enjoyed working with them, "he said.
Jinich stated that they have not had problems in the transmission of teaching assistants as the -coming last semester of high school and early college-have shown "We abusadísimos, enthusiastic and workers" in their classes.
On his visit, he stressed that his colleagues attending voluntarily and put their time to teach young people.
"We are a group of friends all education fascinates us and moves us much do something for science education in Mexico and Latin America It's like a side project of our research is making some impact on education...
"We have the luck and the support of Mexican institutions to study beyond, the least we can do during the PhD is involved in educating people here," he said.
Adventurous Cyclist
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Joff Summerfield, an adventurous English cyclist is in Baja California as part of his second voyage to explore the world on their particular bike. Over a period estimated at two years and six and a half months will travel 22,000 miles, according to the Ministry of Tourism of the State. In Maneadero delegation was greeted by several residents.

Possible highway failures
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The presence of new landslides in the asphalt on the Tijuana-Ensenada highway at kilometer 92, was noted by Marco Antonio Coronado Valenzuela, president of Mexican Companies Construction Ensenada (Comice).
He said irregularities in the road section are similar to the first that occurred at kilometer 93, where the Scenic Highway crash occurred on December 28, 2013.
Characters of Ensenada
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Reading, one of the habits in decline, has its workhorse in Ensenada: Oscar Ruiz Villarino, who promotes literature from the Library of Cobach, 36 years ago by publishing "La Choya" which takes 27 years between Ensenada.
Villarino Ruiz, began publishing "La Choya" in 1988 with the purpose of promoting literature and scientific knowledge, as well as promoting local talents with artistic skills, among which Gerardo Yépiz, currently known as "Acamonchi" who now resides in San Diego and has made designs for Nortec Collective and recently for McDonald's World Cup campaign.
2000 Ejido lots registered
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Ejido members Nationalist Sánchez Taboada seek to regularize more than 2000 ejido land during 2015, curated President Raymundo Carrillo Huerta said.
"Our goal is to regularize more than 2 000 500 ejido land, to which we will give them title," he said in a shared on social networks Carrillo Huerta message said they are managing the paperwork before the authorities of Agrarian Registry, the City Hall and the ejido XXI referral.
Toll Road Re Opened
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The reopening of the Scenic Road Tijuana Ensenada, enable economic recovery, commodity exchange and flow of tourism by a safe route, considered the Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid.
During the reopening of the highway, the president of Baja California applauded the commitment by the SCT, reviewing options for searching compensate the damages that had Ensenada with the collapse of the road.
Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said "must be submitted as a proposal before the Banobras, a body which has funded work to reopen the Scenic Road.
The federal official stressed that the matter was moved to restore the stretch of 300 meters, collapsed last December 28, equivalent to 400 Olympic swimming pools.
He explained that took place drilling and cast 250 thousand inclusions to give consistency to the floor, building a dome over 80 meters long and six meters high, to dislodge runoff.
This, he added, besides coverings drains and surface waters driving and drilling two wells to capture and evacuate the flow of groundwater.
The CEO of Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe), Benito Neme Sastré, considered the work of Mexican engineers in this work speaks of professionalism: to restore the embankment was necessary to move around a million cubic meters of material.
Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, announced that his government will maintain a common agenda with officials of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), to follow up on strategic projects that are promoted jointly.
He also reiterated the railway construction Ensenada-Tecate, expanding the port of El Sauzal, the Otay Mesa East Port of Entry and airport passenger and cargo Ensenada, however, chose not to give dates, locations, and details.
Vega de Lamadrid said follow-up to these projects, the next January on a desk between both instances.
Ensenada 6-10 & 6-11-14 - Yellows on fire at Todos Santos
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Yellowtail fishing continues to be excellent here in Ensenada with the north end of Todos Santos Island the latest area where the fish are being picked off. Two charters this week on the It's 4 Reels with a total of 5 anglers yielded 19 yellowtail with many more lost, several calico bass to 7 lbs. which were all released and on Tuesday's charter some nice log barracuda came over the rail as well.





Ensenada 5-20 to 5-22-14 - Yellows at the island
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Excellent yellowtail fishing at Todos Santos Island this week with several boats scoring from 8-20 fish.  The yellows were everywhere as we had them boiling all around the boat several times.  The fish were feeding on anchovies and getting them to go required patience.  Tim Oakes and Greg Hertle drove down from Sacramento and chartered the It's 4 Reels for 3 days and on Tuesday landed 2 nice yellows. 


Ensenada 5-2-14 - Barracuda and a Great White Shark
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General report for the Ensenada area has yellowtail and barracuda are spread out from the north end of the island to San Miguel Reef. 

Ensenada 3-20 to 4-12-14 - Yellows still biting the surface iron
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Although live bait is still not available for sale the yellowtail fishing continues to be pretty decent for the Ensenada area.  Fish are being found most days in a wide area from off Salsipuedes to San Miguel Reef and from the north end of Todos Santos all the way back to Sauzal.  Lately the bite has been better in the afternoon.  

Ensenada 3-9 and 3-11-14-Good Yellowtail Fishing in the Bay
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Yellowtail fishing went off Sunday afternoon for the crew of the It's 4 Reels in an area 2-3 miles north of San Miguel Reef. Tim McNulty and Joe Feeney were out on this trip.  We ended our day with 9 yellows from 18 to 32 lbs. all caught on the iron and 8 of the 9 were caught after 2PM.  Blue/white 6x jrs. fished through the water column caught the first few fish and then a light aluminum Candy Bar jig became the hot jig of the day accounting for the next 5 fish. 

Ensenada 2-26-14 - Yellowtail bite takes off
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Ensenada yellowtail fishing took off this week as the fish bit from Monday on  into Thursday with fish from 12 to 30 lbs. popping all over Bahia Todos Santos.  Took Wednesday off from Tequilas Sports Bar to try and get a few for our restaurant.  Along for the hunt was Angel Garcia and after stopping on a couple of meter marks and picking up some nice sand bass we moved to the middle of the bay and that is where the  fun began.  There were fish breaking all over the bay but they were moving fast and would only stay up for a minute or two so we stopped on the first good meter mark we saw and it was an instant hookup on the iron for me.  It was short lived as it came unbuttoned and on the next drop the same thing happened. 

Ensenada 2-14 & 2-15-14-Yellows at Todos Santos Island
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A Valentine’s Day fishing trip for Mark and Rita saw us head to Todos Santos Island in search of some home guard yellowtail.  A friend of mine reported catching 10 big yellows the day before in very nice conditions.  We had high hopes that we would get into them also.  And we did.  We went 2-4 on the yellows using blue/chrome and scrambled egg Fire Iron 5 lures.  We also caught a nice calico bass, 2 reds, 3 lingcod and an assortment of rock fish.  Conditions were not that great with wind and fog appearing and disappearing a few times during the day.  Rita also was able to catch her first salt water fish as well.  Did not here of any other boats catching yellows this day.

Ensenada 2-12-14 - Great lingcod fishing
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Another great day of fishing inside Bahia Todos Santos.  Final catch was 15+ lingcod, and an assortment of reds, whitefish and misc. other rockfish.  Lings ranged in  size from 4-14 lbs. with most between 6-8 lbs.  Lost a couple of toads at the boat.  Those lings can really flare there gills and shake there heads violently when they get close to the boat. 


Ensenada 1-28-14-First 2014 yellows and lingcod
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After 4 months in the shop the "It's 4 Reels" is back on the water and is now open for business.  We had a new top end put in (pistons, rings, seals etc.), new bottom paint, and new gauges installed.  My friend Cisco and I took her out on Wednesday 1-28-14 and the engine is running like new again.  Now for the fishing-we hit the San Miguel Reef area (aka the bajo) and started out  at 10AM.  We stopped on a high spot just before arriving at the bajo and Cisco caught a nice chucklehead on a green and white fire iron.  We drifted this spot for a few rockfish and whitefish.  It felt great to back on the water! 



Upcoming Events

Carnaval Ensenada 2015
12 Feb 15 19:00

With out a doubt the biggist party of the year in Ensenada. Six city blocks of fiesta at it's best. Live music, street stands, dancing and more fun than you can posibly drink. You you miss this event,,,,,,,it's your fault!!!




Newport Ensenada Yacht Race
24 Apr 15 20:00

This year's race theme is “The Thrill of Victory,” which has been pursued over the years by luminaries such as the late Roy E. Disney, actors Buddy Ebsen and Humphrey Bogart, broadcast news legend Walter Cronkite, comedienne Vicki Lawrence, movie producer Milton Bren, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Paul Conrad and world class sailors including Dennis Conner, Bill Ficker and Dave Ullman.